Transformation of Sentence [Simple, Complex and Compound]

Transformation of sentences:

Transformation is a process of changing the pattern of a sentence without changing its basic meaning.

Simple sentence into Complex sentence:


Simple: I told you the truth.

Complex: I told you what the truth was.

Simple: He told me the news.

Complex: He told me what the news was.

Simple: I believe you to be happy.

Complex: I believe that you are happy.

Simple: He is glad at my success.

Complex: He is glad that I had got success.



Simple: She is a poor woman.

Complex: She is a woman who is poor.

Simple: He has no time to waste.

Complex: He has no time that he can waste.

Simple: He is a good boy.

Complex: He is a boy who is good.

Simple: My answer was correct.

Complex: The answer that I gave was correct.



Simple: I am too weak to walk.

Complex: I am so weak that I cannot walk.

Simple: In spite of being poor he is happy.

Complex: Although he is poor, he is happy.

Simple: Being tired, I refused to work.

Complex: As I was tired, I refused to work.

Simple: He goes to sleep at nine.

Complex: He goes to sleep when it is nine.


Complex sentence into simple sentence:

By using Noun clause:

Complex: He knows what my name is.

Simple: He knows my name.

Complex: Tell me where you live.

Simple: Tell me your address.

Complex: I hoped that I shall win the first prize.

Simple: I hoped to win the first prize.


By using Adjective clause:

Complex: He is a boy who is intelligent.

Simple: He is an intelligent boy.

Complex: He is the best boy that would do the work.

Simple: He is the best boy to do the work.

Complex: I have a book which I want to give him.

Simple: I have a book to give him

Complex: Give him a note that is of fifty-rupee worth.

Simple: Give him a fifty-rupee note.


By using Adverb clause:

Complex: She is so weak that she cannot talk.

Simple: She is too weak to talk.

Complex: Although he is poor, he is happy.

Simple: In spite of being poor he is happy.

Complex: As he is ill, he cannot come.

Simple: Being ill he cannot come.


Simple sentence into compound sentence:

Simple: In spite of her property, she was happy.

Compound: She was poor but she was happy.

Simple: He is both good and intelligent.

Compound: He is not only good but also intelligent.

Simple: I gave her a gold ring.

Compound: I gave her a ring and it was made of gold.

Simple: Piyali is a beautiful girl.

Compound: Piyali is a girl and she is beautiful.

Simple: Coming home, Ram began to read.

Compound: Ram came home and he began to read.

Simple: Without working hard you can not succeed.

Compound: Work hard, otherwise you cannot succeed.

Simple: He went to Kolkata to see his wife.

Compound: He wanted to see his wife so he went to Kolkata.


Compound sentence into simple sentence:

Compound: Do or die.

Simple: Do to avoid death.

Compound: My grandfather died and this made me sad.

Simple: My grandfather’s death made me sad.

Compound: He was poor but he was happy.

Simple: In spite of his poverty, he was happy.

Compound: Be honest and you will be successful in life.

Simple: Be honest to be successful in life.

Compound: He called me and yet I made no answer.

Simple: In spite of his calling me I made no answer.

Compound: He saw the snake and ran away in fear.

Simple: Seeing the snake he ran away in fear.

Compound: The man is rich but he is unhappy.

Simple: In spite of being rich he is unhappy.

Compound: She is not only tall but also strong.

Simple: Besides being tall she is also strong.


Complex sentence into compound sentence:

Complex: As I am ill, I cannot go.

Compound: I am ill so ( therefore ) I cannot go.

Complex: Although he is poor he is honest.

Compound: He is poor but he is honest.

Complex: He is glad that I have come here.

Compound: I have come here and he is glad of it.

Complex: As soon as I saw a snake, I began to run in fear.

Compound: I saw a snake and began to run instantly in fear.

Complex: Unless you work hard, you will not pass.

Compound: Work hard or you will not pass.

Complex: Unless you speak the truth you will be fined.

Compound: Speak the truth or you will be fined.

Complex: As you are not well, you would go to a doctor.

Compound:  You are ill so you would go to a doctor.


Compound sentence into complex sentence:

Compound: She is rich but she is not happy.

Complex: Although she is rich, she is not happy.

Compound: Do or die.

Complex: If you do not do you will die.

Compound: I am ill so I cannot go to school.

Complex: As I am ill, I cannot go to school.

Compound: Speak or I shall fire.

Complex: Unless you speak I shall fire.

Compound: Ratul saw the tiger and attack it instantly.

Complex: As soon as Ratul saw the tiger, he attacked it.

Compound: I am tired and therefore I fell asleep.

Complex: As I am tired, I fell asleep.

Compound: Work hard for you will fail in the examination.

Complex: If you do not work hard you will fail in the examination.


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