Antonyms or words with Opposite Meanings

Here are the list of the words with opposite meanings alphabetically.


Words Antonyms
absent present
above below
accept reject
active passive, inactive
appear disappear
adult minor
able unable
agree disagree, differ
arrive depart
ascend descend
attract repel
ancient modern
attentive inattentive
attractive repulsive
ability inability, disability
aware unaware


Words Antonyms
bad good
buy sell
big small
begin end
before after
bold timid, cowardly
bind loosen
break repair
better worse
barren fertile
balance imbalance
breakable unbreakable
bearable unbearable
believe disbelieve
blame praise
bright dull


Words Antonyms
cry laugh
care neglect
cold, cool hot, warm
complete incomplete
correct wrong
create destroy
clean dirty
clever stupid
cheap dear, costly
coarse fine
contract expand
confident diffident
civil rude, military
content discontent
comfort discomfort
change unchange
common uncommon
civilized uncivilized
certain uncertain
conscious unconscious
careful careless
cheerful cheerless


Words Antonyms
die live
dead alive
debit credit
dark bright
different same, similar
defend attack
decided undecided
direct indirect
day night
deep shallow
dry wet


Words Antonyms
even uneven
easy difficult
empty full
entrance exit
employed unemployed
encourage discourage
eligible ineligible
equal unequal
equality inequality
early late
educated uneducated


Words Antonyms
fat thin
far near
first last
friend foe, enemy
friendly hostile, inimical
fast slow
full empty
freedom bondage
fortune misfortune
familiar unfamiliar
fertile barren, sterile
fresh stale
finite infinite
faithful unfaithful
finished unfinished
favourable unfavourable
fearful fearless


Words Antonyms
glad sorry
guest host
gain loss, lose
green ripe
grateful ungrateful


Words Antonyms
high low
hard soft
heavy light
humble proud
hope despair
hopeful hopeless
happy unhappy
happiness misery
harmful harmless
holy unholy
human inhuman
honest dishonest
honour dishonour
helpful helpless
hate love


Words Antonyms
ill well
include exclude
interior exterior
import export
important unimportant
interested uninterested


Words Antonyms
joy sorrow
join disjoin, separate
justice injustice
just unjust


Words Antonyms
kind unkind, cruel
known unknown
knowledge ignorance


Words Antonyms
long short
legal illegal
life death
limited unlimited
light darkness
like dislike
loyal disloyal
lend borrow
licit illicit
legible illegible
large small
lazy industrious
loud low
liberal illiberal
logical illogical
literate illiterate


Words Antonyms
many few
major minor
make break
master servant
maximum minimum
mature immature
mortal immortal
modest immodest
material immaterial
minority majority
merit demerit
modern ancient
movable immovable
meaningful meaningless


Words Antonyms
new old
negative positive
natural artificial
noble mean, ignoble
novice expert
native foreign
narrow wide, broad
neither either


Words Antonyms
open shut
oral written
oppose support
obedient disobedient
optimism pessimism
often seldom


Words Antonyms
poor rich
profit loss
past present
pure impure, mixed
perfect imperfect
permanent temporary
proficient deficient
pain pleasure
possible impossible
prosperity adversity
proper improper
patient impatient
partial impartial
pious impious
powerful powerless
painful painless
popular unpopular


Words Antonyms
quick slow
question answer


Words Antonyms
right left, wrong
real imaginary
rise fall
rough smooth
rigid flexible
rude polite
rich poor
regular irregular
religious irreligious
respect disrespect
responsible irresponsible
relevant irrelevant
rational irrational


Words Antonyms
sad cheerful
sour sweet
start finish
same different
smile frown
sincere insincere
simple complex
similar different, dissimilar
success failure
sufficient insufficient
superior inferior
synonym antonym
sharp blunt


Words Antonyms
top bottom
true false
thin thick
tame wild
tragedy comedy
theoretical practical
trust distrust
tasteful tasteless


Words Antonyms
up down
unity diversity
uniform varied


Words Antonyms
virtue vice
valid invalid
victory defeat
visible invisible


Words Antonyms
war peace
weak strong
wisdom folly
white black
work rest
weep laugh
woe weal
wise unwise, fool
wholesale retail


Words Antonyms
young old


Words Antonyms
ugly beautiful
usual unusual
useful useless


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