Cries/particular sounds of various Animals and Birds


Animals/Birds Cries
Apes Gibber
Asses Bray
Bees Hum/Buzz
Bulls Bellow
Bears Growl
Birds Twitter/Chirp/Warble
Cats Mew/Purr
Cows Low
Crows Caw
Cocks Crow
Cattle Low
Camels Grunt
Calves Low/Bleat
Cuckoos Coo
Dogs Bark/Whine
Ducks Quack/Cackle
Doves Coo
Deer bells
Elephants Trumpet
Eagles Scream
Frogs Croak
Foxes Yell
Flies Buzz
Goats Bleat
Geese Cackle
Hen Cackle/Cluck/Chuck
Hogs Grunt
Hawks Scream
Horses Neigh
Jackals Howl
Kittens Mew
Lions Roar
Lambs Bleat
Larks Sing
Mice Squeal/Squeak
Monkeys Gibber/Chatter
Oxen Low/Bellow
Owls Hoot/Screech/Scream
Oceans Roar
Pigs Grunt
Pigeons Coo
Parrots Talk
Peacocks Scream
Rooks Caw
Ravens Croak
Sheep Bleat
Swans Cry
Snakes/Serpents Hiss
Swallows Twitter
Swines Grunt
Sparrows Twitter/Chirp
Tigers Roar/Purr/Growl
Vultures Scream
Wolves Yell/Howl


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