Young ones of Birds/Animals and Similies/denoting comparisons

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Young ones of Birds and Animals:

Bird/Animal Young-one
Ass foal
Bear Cub
Butterfly Caterpillar
Cat Kitten
Cow Calf
Cock Cockerel
Dog Puppy
Deer Fawn
Duck Duckling
Eagle Eaglet
Elephant Calf
Frog (toad) Tadpole
Fowl Chicken
Goat Kid
Goose Gosling
Hen Pullet/Chicken
Hare Leveret
Horse Foal, Colt, Filly
Lion Cub/Whelp
Mare Filly
Owl Owlet
Pig Piglet
Sheep Lamb
Stag (male) Fawn
Swan Cygnet
Tiger Cub
Wolf Cub


Similies or denoting comparisons:

1. As red as blood

2. As cold as ice

3. As busy as a bee

4. As bright as the light

5. As hot as fire

6. As fat as a pig

7. As brittle as glass

8. As white as snow

9. As black as coal

10. As proud as a peacock

11. As beautiful as a rainbow

12. As gentle as a lamb

13. As graceful as a swan

14. As cunning, wily as a fox

15. As sharp as razor

16. As soft as butter

17. As bold as a lion

18. As free as air

19. As fast as a hare

20. As straight as an arrow


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