10+ Uses of Capital Letters [2024 Guide]

In this section, we will learn how to use capital letters properly.

13 Uses of Capital Letters With Examples in English:

There are two parts to the English alphabet. One is a capital letter and the other is a small letter. Capital letters are used as needed when writing English. Now we shall learn when capital letters are used.

1. Capital letters are used at the beginning of the first letter to write a sentence. 

Examples :

a. The boys are eating rice.

b. They go to school together.

c. We live in a village.

2. Capital letters are used at the beginning of all proper nouns and proper adjectives.

Examples :

a. India is a big country.

b. Kazi Nazrul Islam was a famous poet.

c. He lives in Maharashtra.

d. My name is Gopal Sharma.

3. The first letter of the name of God and the pronoun is used for God also begin with a capital letter.

Examples :

a. Pray to God, only he can save us.

b. God is good. We always worship him.

4. Capital letters are used to write the first person of the pronoun i.e. personal pronoun ‘I’.

Examples :

a. He loves me but I do not like him.

b. You and I go there.

c. What can I do for you?

5. To commence/write the first word of a reported speech.

Examples :

a. They said, ”We will go to play”.

b. He said, ”I know the girl”.

6. Capital letters are used to write interjections ‘O’, ‘Oh’.

Example :

a. Oh God ! help me from danger.

7. The name of school subjects, only when the subjects are languages.

Examples :

Hindi,   English,   Bengali

( But mathematics,  biology,  history,  chemistry, physics )

8. Capital letters are used for abbreviations.

Examples : 

S.D.O.,  B.D.O.,  M.A.,  B.A., B.Sc., U.K., U.S.A.

9. We use a capital letter for the name of days, months, and religious festivals.

Examples :

Days: Sunday,  Monday,  Tuesday, Saturday

Months: January,  February,  March,  April

Festivals: Durga Puja,  Diwali,  Christmas, Doljatra

10. We use a capital letter at the beginning of every line of poetry.

Example : 


Better than heaven or air Arcadia

I love thee, O my India!

And thy love I shall give

To every brother nation that lives.

11. Use a capital letter for historical events.

Examples :

a. The First World War

b. Rule of Harshavardhana

c. Indian Rebellion of 1857

12. We use a capital letter for titles of the paragraph, essays,  poems,  plays,  novels, etc.

Examples :

Essay: Our Motherland 

Paragraph: The Cow 

Novel: Darkness at Noon 

Poem: Gitanjali

13. We use capital letters in form of address in letters.

Examples :

My respected Parents

My dear friend

Dear sir,     Dear madam



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