Transformation of Degrees [Positive- Comparative- Superlative]

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Degrees of comparison of adjectives

There are three degrees of comparison of adjectives that are –

a. Positive Degree e.g. small, old

b. Comparative Degree e.g. smaller, older

c. Superlative Degree e.g. smallest, oldest

Interchange of three degrees of comparison:

Transformation is a method of changing the pattern of a sentence without changing its basic meaning. It is possible to change three degrees of comparison without changing the meaning of the sentence.

  • If we make a comparison between two persons or things then the transformation of degrees of comparison is possible only with positive degree and comparative degree.

Example 1

Positive: He is as tall as Alex.

Comparative: Alex is not taller than him.


Example 2

Positive: I am as old as you.

Comparative: You are not older than me.


Example 3

Positive: Susmita is a beautiful girl.

Comparative: Susmita is more beautiful girl than Piyali.

Superlative: Susmita is the most beautiful of all girls.


Example 4

Positive: No other place in India is as cold as Jammu and Kashmir.

Comparative: Jammu & Kashmir is colder than any other place in India.

Superlative: Jammu and Kashmir is the coldest place in India.


Example 5

Positive: No other animal in the forest is as strong as the tiger.

Comparative: The tiger is stronger than any other animal in the forest.

Superlative: The tiger is the strongest animal in the forest.


Example 6

Positive: No other girl in the class is as good as Payel.

Comparative: Payel is better than any other girl in the class.

Superlative: Payel is the best girl in the class.


Example 7

Positive: No other place in India is as hot as Rajasthan.

Comparative: Rajasthan is hotter than any other place in India.

Superlative: Rajasthan is the hottest place in India.


Example 8

Positive: No other metal is as useful as iron.

Comparative: Iron is more useful than any other metal.

Superlative: Iron is the most useful of all metals.


Example 9

Positive: No other cricketer is as great as Sachin.

Comparative: Sachin is greater than any other cricketer.

Superlative: Sachin is the greatest cricketer.


Example 10

Positive: No other insect is as busy as the bee.

Comparative: The bee is busier than any other insect.

Superlative: The bee is the busiest of all insects.


Example 11

Positive: No other fruit is as sweet as mango.

Comparative: Mango is sweeter than any other fruit.

Superlative: Mango is the sweetest fruit.


Example 12

Positive: No other animal is as faithful as the dog.

Comparative: The dog is more faithful than any other animal.

Superlative: The dog is the most faithful animal.


Example 13

Positive: Very few pens are as good as this.

Comparative: This is better than most other pens.

Superlative: This is one of the best pens.


Example 14

Positive: Very few metals are as precious as diamonds.

Comparative: Diamond is more precious than most other metals.

Superlative: Diamond is one of the most precious metals.


Example 15

Positive: Very few girls are as beautiful as Manisha.

Comparative: Manisha is more beautiful than most other girls.

Superlative: Manisha is one of the most beautiful girls.


Example 16

Positive: Very few states are as big as West Bengal.

Comparative: West Bengal is bigger than most other states in India.

Superlative: West Bengal is not the biggest state in India.


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