Nominal Compound [ Formation, Rules, 80+ Examples ]

What is Nominal Compound?

In English when two or more simple words are connected side by side and they make a new word, Then the word formed is called a compound word. such as tiffin box, lunch box, newspaper etc.

The elements/words to compose a compound word may be any part of speech. A nominal compound is a group of words formed to work as a noun in a sentence.

The alternative name of the nominal compound is compound noun.

Nominal Compound Examples:

a. A station on a hill = Hill station

Hill + station – the compound noun ‘hill station’ is formed by connecting the nouns hill and station.

b. Bite of dog  =  Dog-bite

dog + bite – the compound noun ‘dog-bite is formed by connecting the noun ‘dog’ and the verb ‘bite’.


How to write the nominal compounds?

Nominal compounds can be written in the following manners.

a. Nominal compounds are written as one word.

Examples: Darkroom, blackboard, sweetheart, afternoon, today, highway

b. Two separate words are joined as a compound noun.

Examples: police station, case history, blood bank, sea beach, table fan

c. Two words connected by a hyphen to form a compound noun.

Examples: tooth-brush, gas-oven, diesel-engine, running-train, drinking-water, loud-speaker


Types of formation of the Nominal Compounds:

Nominal Compounds are formed by-

  • Noun + Noun
  • Noun + Verb
  • Verb + Noun
  • Adjective + Noun  etc.

Nominal Compounds List:

  • Noun + Noun

Noun            +             Noun Meaning/Expansion Nominal   Compound
News                           paper A paper which contains news Newspaper
Blood                         bank A bank where blood is kept Blood-bank
Birth                           day The day of one’s birth Birthday
Dust                          storm A storm that blows dust Duststorm
Lunch                        box A box in which one’s lunch is kept Lunch box
Stone                         wall A wall which is made of stone Stone-wall
Steam                      engine An engine run on steam Steam engine
Diesel                      engine An engine run on diesel Diesel engine
Iron                          gate A gate made of iron Iron gate
Gas                         oven An oven which uses gas as fuel Gas oven
Tea                         garden A garden of tea Tea garden
Coffee                   garden A garden of coffee Coffee garden
Oil                         bottle A bottle that contains oil Oil bottle
Electric cycle Cycles operating with the help of electricity. Electric cycle
Rain                      coat A coat that protects from rain Raincoat
Service                 man A man who lives on service Serviceman
School              education Education in school School education
College             education Education in college College education
Bus                      fare Fare charged/paid for travelling by bus Busfare
House                keeper Keeper of house Housekeeper
Tea                      cup Cup for drinking tea Teacup
Coffee                 cup Cup for drinking coffee Coffee cup
Wine                 glass Glass for drinking wine Wine glass
Television      programme Programme on television Television programme
Train                  fare Fare paid for travelling by train Train fare
Book                 shelf A shelf where books are kept Book-shelf
Gold                  ring A ring made of gold Gold ring
Winter            holiday Holiday for winter Winter holiday
Summer         clothes Clothes used for Summer Summer clothes
Honey              bee A bee which produces honey Honeybee
Air                   gun A gun that works by air Airgun
Market            price Price in market Market price
Heart               attack Attack on the heart Heart attack
Sea                 beach Beach of a sea Sea beach
Sun                  light Light of the Sun Sunlight
Tiffin               time Time to eat tiffin Tiffin time
Water              bottle A bottle containing water Water bottle
Coffee             stall A stall for serving coffee Coffee stall
Tea                  stall A stall for serving tea Tea stall
Census           report A report saying about census Census report


  • Noun + Verb/Verbal noun

Noun          +        Verb Meaning/Expansion Nominal Compound
Sun                       rise The rising of the sun Sunrise
Rain                     fall The falling of rain Rainfall
Water                   fall The falling of water Waterfall
Bus                    stand A place where buses stand Bus stand
Snow                  fall The falling of snow Snowfall
Lorry               driving Act of driving a lorry Lorry-driving
Bike                  ride Ride on a bike Bike ride
Snake                bite Bite of a snake Snakebite
Dog                   bite Bite of a dog Dog bite
Hand                wash Wash by hand Hand wash
Oil                  painting A painting painted with oil colours Oil-painting
Weather           report Report on the weather Weather report
Sight               seeing Seeing on various sights Sightseeing
Cycle              racing The racing of cycles Cycle-racing
Travel            guide A person who guides a traveller Travel guide


  • Verb  + Noun

Verb/Gerund (verb+ing)    + Noun Meaning/Expansion Nominal Compound
Dance                                     hall A hall for dances Dance hall
Looking                                 glass A glass for looking at oneself Looking-glass
Reading                                 desk A desk for reading Reading-desk
Walking                                stick A stick for walking Walking-stick
Fighter                                 plane A plane that is a fighter Fighter plane
Bathing                                pond A pond for bathing Bathing pond
Swimming                           pool A pool for swimming Swimming pool
Starting                               time Time for starting something Starting-time
Closing                               time Time for closing something Closing-time
Play                                  ground Ground for play Playground
Washing                          machine A machine for washing clothes Washing-machine
Waiting                             room A room for waiting Waiting-room


  • Adjective + Noun

Adjective     +        Noun Meaning/Expansion Nominal Compound
Black                    board A board which is black Blackboard
Noble                    man A man who is noble Nobleman
Gentle                   man A man who is gentle by behaviour Gentleman
Dead                    body A body which is dead Dead body
Mid                     night A night which is mid-time Mid-night
Half                     pant A pant that is half Half-pant
Green                 room A room which is used for dressing and making up of the actors in a theatre Green-room
Yellow               bird A bird which is yellow Yellowbird
Dark                 room A room which is dark Darkroom
Red                  dress A dress which is red in colour Red dress


  • Nominal Compounds with more than two words:

Long + distance + trains The trains which cover long distances Long-distance trains
Labour + saving + method A method that saves labour Labour saving method
Traffic + control + system A system that controlling traffic Traffic control system
Delhi + bus + routes Bus routes of Delhi Delhi bus routes
World + famous + cricketer A cricketer is known about by people all over the world World famous cricketer
Hand + made + clothes Clothes made by hand Hand made clothes
Bullet + proof + jacket A jacket that protects from bullet Bulletproof jacket
Birth + day + party A party where one’s birthday is celebrated Birthday party


Nominal Compound Exercise:

Expand the Following Nominal Compounds:

1. Loud-speaker

2. Iron determination

3. Windmill

4. Houseboat

5. Daylight


Nominal Compound Exercise With Answer:

1. Loud-speaker:  A speaker (machine) that heightens sounds to a high pitch.

2. Iron determination:  A determination as strong as iron

3. Windmill:  A mill (grinding machine) which is driven by wind power.

4. Houseboat:  Boat used as a house

5. Daylight:  Light of the day


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