In this post, we shall read about interjections.

What is Interjection?

An Interjection is one of the eight parts of speech. An Interjection is a small word but it plays a very important role in the sentence. An Interjection is a word that expresses some sudden strong feeling or emotion. Such as Hello! Bravo! Alas! etc.

Look at the following sentences :

1Hurrah! We have won the match.

2Alas! My grandfather is dead.

3Hello! How are you?

4. Hush! The child is sleeping.

5. Alack! The woman is no more.

6. Bravo! You have done the work an act of great courage.

7. How disgusting! What a dirty place it is.

8. Ah! He had an accident.

9. Oh! What a beautiful flower it is.

10. Fie! You are a liar.

These words hurrah!    alas!    hello!    hush!   Alack!    Bravo!     How disgusting!     Ah!    Oh!      Fie!  are called interjection words because these words are used to express some sudden feeling or emotion. Interjections are not grammatically related to the words in a sentence. An exclamatory mark (  !  ) is used after the interjection.


List of Interjections:

Oh!      Hello!       Alas!       Fie!       Hush!

Hurrah!    Ah!       Pooh!    Bravo!     Hum! 

Ha!       Alack!      What!        Welcome!


Types of expression of interjections :

Interjections may express different types.

👉 Surprise as, what!

👉 Joy as, hurrah!

👉 Approval as, Bravo!

👉 Grief as, alas!   alack!

There are also a certain group of words that are used to express some sudden feeling or emotion.
Such as –

Well done!     For shame!      Ah me!      Good gracious! 

Well, to be sure!      Fare well!       O dear me!

Good heavens!       How disgusting!


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