Degrees of Comparison of Adverbs

The degree of comparison of adverbs is similar to the comparison of the adjective. There are three degrees of comparison of adverbs. Positive degree of adverbs Comparative degree of adverbs Superlative degree of adverbs 1. Positive degree of adverbs: The positive degree of an adverb is the adverb in its simple/basic form. It is used … Read more


In this post we will read about determines and articles (a, an, the) What are Determiners? Look at the following sentences: 1. The pen is yellow. 2. This umbrella is mine. 3. Some girls are eating. In the above sentences the highlighted words the, this, some are words that fix the nouns that follow them. … Read more

Regular and Irregular Verbs List Alphabetically – The Complete List

Regular verbs: Those verbs ( simple present ) that form their simple past and the past participle by adding -d, -ed or -t are called regular verbs. Regular verbs = weak verbs Examples: Simple Present Simple Past Past Participle dream dreamt/dreamed dreamt/dreamed add added added fear feared feared live lived lived love loved loved Irregular … Read more

Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives

In this article, we shall teach about the degrees of comparison of adjectives. Comparison of Adjectives :  Look at the sentences a. David is a tall boy. b. David is taller than Alex. c. David is the tallest of all boys in the school. The first sentence says that David is a tall boy. Here, … Read more


  What is punctuation? Punctuation is a process in which marks are used indicating pauses and separation of sentences in such a way to make their meaning of written communication clear. In writing these symbols/marks are called punctuation marks. List of Punctuation marks: The principal punctuation marks are – 1. Full stop   ( . ) … Read more

Transformation of Degrees [Positive- Comparative- Superlative]

Degrees of comparison of adjectives There are three degrees of comparison of adjectives that are – a. Positive Degree e.g. small, old b. Comparative Degree e.g. smaller, older c. Superlative Degree e.g. smallest, oldest Interchange of three degrees of comparison: Transformation is a method of changing the pattern of a sentence without changing its basic meaning. It is … Read more

10+ Uses of Capital Letters [2024 Guide]

In this section, we will learn how to use capital letters properly. 13 Uses of Capital Letters With Examples in English: There are two parts to the English alphabet. One is a capital letter and the other is a small letter. Capital letters are used as needed when writing English. Now we shall learn when … Read more


We know that the sentence is everything in English. While writing a letter or a paragraph, we need a couple of sentences linked to each other properly. In this section, we will learn about sentences. Definition of Sentence What is a sentence?  A sentence is the largest grammatical unit. It consists of a subject, a verb, … Read more