Interchange of Parts of Speech [Simple 2024 Guide]

In English, a word in a particular part of speech (noun/verb/adjective/adverb) can be changed into another part of speech. When we want to learn English we need to transform a noun into an adverb or a verb or an adjective as necessary.

The following interchanges of one part of speech to another are formed.

1. Noun

Noun to Verb: We can transform a noun into a verb. For example,

The blind man cannot see.

She is a blind woman.

We observe that the word blind works as a noun in the first sentence whereas it works as an adjective in the second sentence.

b. Noun to Adverb

c. Noun to Adjective

2. Verb

a. Verb to Noun

b. Verb to Adverb

c. Verb to Adjective

3.  Adjective

a. Adjective to Noun

b. Adjective to Verb

c. Adjective to Adverb

4. Adverb

a. Adverb to Noun

b. Adverb to Verb

c. Adverb to Adjective


Change of Parts of Speech Example:

Interchange of Noun to Adjective –

The blind man cannot see. (Noun)

She is a blind woman. (Adjective)

Interchange of Noun to Verb –

Let us go for a walk. (Noun)

The young man walked fast. (Verb)

Interchange of adjective to adverb –

My teacher wants an early reply from me. (Adjective)

He went too early. (Adverb)

Interchange of Verb to Adjective

My brother secured a fellowship. (Verb)

The place is secure for me. (Adjective)


Forms of some words in different parts of speech:

Noun Verb Adjective Adverb
action act active actively
addition add additional additionally
agreement agree agreeable agreeably
attraction attract attractive attractively
advise advise advisable advisably
attendance attend attentive attentively
ability enable able ably
accord accord accordant accordingly
absence absent absent absently
access accede accessible accessibly
accident accidental accidentally
abuse abuse abusive abusively
ache ache aching achingly
acid/acidity acidify acid acidly
acquisition acquire acquisitive acquisitively
affection affect affectionate affectionately
advance advance advanced
admission admit admissible admissibly
anger anger angry angrily
agony agonize agonized/agonising agonisingly
ambition ambitious ambitiously
awe awe awsome/awful awfully
analysis analyse analytical analytically
answer answer answerable answerably
black blacken black blackishly
beauty beautify beautiful beautifully
book book (a seat) bookish bookishly
belief believe believable believably
blood bleed bloody bloodily
benefit benefit beneficial beneficially
base base basic basically
breadth broaden broad broadly
brilliance brilliant brilliantly
circle encircle circular circularly
cold chill/cool cool
class classify classic
care care careful carefully
culture culture cultural culturally
change change changeable changeably
cloud becloud cloudy cloudily
centre centralise central centrally
chief chief chiefly
climate acclimatise climatic climatically
comfort comfort comfortable comfortably
collection collect collective collectively
courage encourage courageous
condition condition condition conditionally
completion complete complete completely
connection connect connective connectively
conclusion conclude conclusive conclusively
day daily daily
death die dead
danger endanger dangerous dangerously
dark darken dark darkly
division divide divisional divisionally
decision decide decisive decisively
definition define definite definitely
destruction destroy destructive destructively
devotion devote devotional devotionally
derivation derive derivative derivatively
ego egoistic egoistically
end end endless endlessly
emotion emote emotional emotionally
existance exist existent existently
extention extend extensive extensively
electricity electrify electrical
equality equal equal equally
effect effect effective effectively
energy energise energetic energetically
evolution evolve evolutional evolutionally
fool befool foolish foolishly
fruit fructify fruitful fruitfully
friend befriend friendly
force enforce forceful forcefully
final finalize final finally
flow flow flowing flowingly
freedom free free freely
feast feast festive festively
facility facilitate facile facilely
gradation grade gradual gradually
grace grace gracious graciously
grammar grammatical grammatically
guilt guilty guiltily
greed greed greedy greedily
glory glorify glorious gloriously
gold gild golden, gilt
gain gain gainful gainfully
guidance guide guided guidedly
hand handle handy
heart hearten hearty heartily
honour honour honourable honourably
horror horrify horrible horribly
harm harm harmful harmfully
habit habituate habitual habitually
helper help helped, helpless helplessly
invention invent inventive inventively
ignorance ignore ignorant ignorantly
instruction instruct instructive instructively
inclusion include inclusive inclusively
imitation imitate imitative imitatively
interest interest interesting interestingly
industry industrialize industrial industrially
ideal idealize ideal ideally
infection infect infectious infectiously
intelligence intelligent intelligently
joy enjoy joyous, joyful joyously, joyfully
judge adjudge judical
jealousy jealous jealously
knowledge know knowledgeable knowledgeably
laughter laugh laughable laughably
life live living, alive
letter literate literal literally
love love lovely lovingly
law legalise lawful lawfully
labour labour laborious laboriously
liquid liquidate liquid
luck lucky luckily
measurement measure measurable measurably
movement move movable movably
marvel marvel marvellous marvellously
method methodize methodical methodically
mineral mineralize mineral minerally
moisture moisten moist moistly
memory memorize memorable memorably
nation nationalize national nationally
need need needy, needful needfully
number enumerate numerical numerically
necessity necessitate necessary necessarily
name nominate nominal nominally
nerve nerve nervous nervously
nature naturalize natural naturally
office officiate official officially
occupation occupy occupational occupationally
obedience obey obedient obediently
observance observe observant observantly
opposition oppose opposite oppositely
organisation organise organised organisedly
offence offend offensive offensively
operation operate operational operationally
object object objective objectively
option opt optional optionally
origin originate original originally
occasion occasion occasional occasionally
obligation oblige obligatory
person personify personal personally
people populate popular, populous
practice practise practical practically
pollution pollute pollutant pollutantly
permission permit permissible permissibly
peace pacify peaceful peacefully
pain pain painful painfully
progress progress progressive progressively
power empower powerful
president preside presidential
pleasure please pleasant, pleasing
pressure press
quiet quiet, quieten quiet quietly
quarrel quarrel quarrelsome quarrelsomely
red redden red, reddish reddishly
rule rule regular, ruling regularly
relation relate relative relatively
respect respect respectable respectably
remark remark remarkable remarkably
reduction reduce reducible
refusal refuse refusable
response respond responsible, responsive
satisfaction satisfy satisfactory satisfactorily
secrete secrete secrete secretely
season season seasonal seasonally
scare scare scary scarily
salt salt saline, salty saltily
sale sell saleable saleably
society associate social, sociable
sympathy sympathise sympathetic sympathetically
station station stationary stationarily
success succeed successful, successive successfully
section section sectional sectionally
silence silence silent silently
strength strengthen strong strongly
summary summarize summary summarily
symbol symbolize symbolical symbolically
system systematize systematic systematically
sense sense sensitive, sensible sensitively, sensibly
synthesis synthesize synthetic synthetically
service, servant serve serviceable
simplicity simplify simple
stability establish stable
theory theorize theoretical theoretically
talent talented talentedly
thought think thoughtful thoughtfully
talk talk talkative talkatively
taste taste tasteful tastefully
touch touch touchable, touching touchably
verb verbal verbally
view view visible visibly
virtue virtual virtually
valuation value valuable valuably
venture venture venturous venturously
width widen wide


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