Tomato Jelly – Processing Writing [Easy Words]

With the help of the following flowchart write a paragraph in English describing how ‘Tomato Jelly’ is prepared at home.

Process of making Tomato Jelly or Tomato Sauce flowchart:

[Ripe tomatoes bought from market – Sorting and removing the rotten ones, if any – Cleaning the selected ones with water – Smashing – Juice extracting – Boiling for 30 minutes – Sugar, chili, spices mixed – Jelly prepared – Cooled – Stored in sterilized bottles – Ready for dispatching to market for sale.]

Paragraph on Preparation of Tomato Jelly

Tomato jelly is a kind of tasty food. It increases the taste of other food. The preparation of tomato jelly consists of a number of interconnected stages. At first, the required quantity of ripe tomatoes is bought from the market. Then, they are sorted out properly and rotten ones, if any, are removed. Next, the sorted tomatoes are cleaned thoroughly with water. In the next step, the cleaned tomatoes are smashed to extract the juice. Thereafter, the juice is to be boiled in a pan for half an hour. Next, sugar, the dust of chili, and spices are mixed properly with the juice. The jelly is thus prepared. After cooling, it is poured into sterilized bottles which are sealed and lebelled. Finally, the bottles are ready for dispatching to market for sale.

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