APPLE JUICE – Processing Writing [2024 Guide]

Study the following flowchart and describe how the Apple Juice is made from Apple.

[ Buying apples from the market – sorting and removing the rotten ones, if any – cleaning with water – cutting them into pieces – put in a juicer – juice is extracted – adding sugar and preservatives – pouring into bottles – sealing – ready to eat or for selling ]

Preparation of Apple Juice

Apple juice is a very tasty drink. It is prepared through a number of simple steps. At first, some required quantities of apples are bought from the market. Later, they are sorted and rotten ones, if any, are removed. Now they are cleaned in fresh water. After that, the apples are cut into pieces. Then they are put in a juicer. Now juice is extracted. Thereafter sugar and preservatives are added to make it tasty. After that, the juice is poured into bottles. Then these bottles are sealed. Finally, they are ready to be eaten or to sold in the market.


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