Potato Chips – Processing Writing – How To Make [Easy Words*]

With the help of the following flowchart write a short paragraph describing how potato chips are prepared at home.

Potato chips processing flowchart:

[ Buying potatoes from the market – sorting and removing the bad ones – cleaning the fresh ones –  cutting into round pieces – mixing salt and spices – drying in the sun – frying – packing and labeling – ready to eat or to sell in the market ]

Preparation of Potato Chips Paragraph

Potato chips are a mouth-watering food. It is liked and eaten mostly by children. it can be made at home through some simple steps. At first, some potatoes are bought from the market. Then the potatoes are sorted and rotten ones, if any, are removed. Next, the good potatoes are cleaned properly in freshwater and peeled on the skin. Now the potatoes are cut into round pieces. Thereafter, salt and spices are mixed with the potato pieces in the proper ratio. Then they are dried to remove excess moisture from them for some time. Now the pieces are fried well in oil. Finally, the potato chips are packed and labeled. Now they are ready to be sold in the market.

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