COFFEE MAKING – Process Writing in English [Simple Words*]

With the help of the following flowchart write a paragraph describing how a cup of coffee is made.

[ Boiling of water – taking a teaspoon full of coffee in a pot – pour boiled water in a pot – taking a cup – pouring the liquor in the cup – adding sugar and milk – Stir with a spoon – serving hot ]

Process of Making Coffee in English

Coffee is a kind of popular hot drink. It is prepared easily at home through some simple steps. To make hot coffee the four ingredients water, coffee, sugar, and milk are needed. At first, water is boiled in a saucepan. Then, a teaspoonful of coffee is taken in a pot. Now the boiled water is poured in the pot. It is now left to boil the mixture until the liquor is obtained. Now a cup is taken. Thereafter the liquor is poured in the cup. Next sugar and milk are added to the liquor and stirred with a spoon till the coffee grains completely dissolved. Finally, the hot coffee is ready to be served.


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