Tea Making Process Writing | Preparation of Tea

With the help of the following flowchart write a short paragraph within 100 – 150 words describing the process of making tea at home.

[ Pour cold water in a kettle – boil it – put tea leaf in a teapot – pour boiled water in the teapot – leave it for 3 minutes – add sugar and milk and stir well with a teaspoon – pour it into cups – ready for serving hot ]


Process of making tea in English

Tea is a kind of energy-giving drink. it is prepared easily at home through some simple steps. At first, some cold water is poured into a kettle. Next, the kettle is put on the oven to boil the water until the vapor comes out. Now some tea leaves are put in a teapot. After that, the hot water is poured in a teapot. Next, the teapot is covered with a lid and is left for three minutes for the tea leaves to soak in hot water. In the next step, sugar and milk are added to it and the whole mixture is stirred with a teaspoon. Finally, it is poured into cups through a strainer. Now tea is ready to serve.


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