MANGO PICKLE – Processing Writing [2024]

Write a paragraph in about 100 words on how mango pickle is prepared at home using the following chart in English.

Processing of Mango Pickle Flowchart:

[ Buying green mangoes from the market – sorting and removing the rotten ones, if any – cleaning –  cutting into pieces – drying – mixing salt, chilies, mustard oil, and spices – keeping it in a flat pot – drying it under the sun – pouring into jars – ready to eat or for selling ]

Preparation of Mango Pickle Writing


Mango Pickle Paragraph

Mango pickle is a mouth-watering food in our daily life. It is easily prepared at home. The process of making mango pickles follows a number of steps. At first, some green mangoes are bought from the market. Later, the mangoes are sorted out and rotten ones, if any, are removed. Now the sorted mangoes are cleaned in freshwater properly. Then the mangoes are cut into pieces. Thereafter the cut pieces are dried for some time in the sun. In the next step proportionate quantities of salt, chilies, mustard oil, and spices are mixed up. Now the mixture is kept in a big flat pot and repeatedly put in the sun for some days. Finally, the processing is completed and the mango pickle is poured into jars for storage. Now it is ready to be eaten or to be sold in the market.


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