10 Sentences about Fair [2 Easy Samples*]

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10 Lines on Fair (Mela) in English [Sample 1]

1. A fair is a very interesting and entertaining place.

2. A fair is generally the gathering of people for entertainment purposes.

3. There are many stalls of various things of food and household items in a fair.

4. They are two types of fair – village fair and city fair.

5. There is always a huge crowd and a confused noise rises high.

6. Circus and magic shows are also provided in a fair.

7. Merry-go-round is a special attraction to the children of a fair.

8. In our country, India fair is popularly known as Mela.

9. Every fair is a good medium of entertainment, especially for kids.

10. Fair always brings a lot of happiness and joy.


10 Sentences on Fair (Mela) in English [Sample 2]

1. The fair is a collective event.

2. A fair is a place to buy and sell different types of products.

3. Various types of fairs are held in our country, India like trade fairs religious fairs, book fairs, etc.

4. Kumbh fair is the biggest fair in our country, India.

5. People like to go to the fair with their family and relatives.

6. They are a lot of enthusiasm for the fair from children to elders too.

7. The fair brings the people relief from their dull and monotonous life.

8. At a fair, there is a gathering of men, women, and children.

9. The fair is a way where everything is available at cheap prices.

10. Everyone enjoys the fair very much.

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