Mixed Salad – Processing Writing

Study the following flowchart and write (within 100 words) a paragraph in English describing how mixed salad is prepared at home.

[ Collecting materials like cucumber, onion, tomato, mint leaves, green chillies, lemon, salt, and pepper – peeling and slicing cucumber – slicing onions and tomatoes – chopping mint leaves –  mixing green chillies – cutting a lemon and taking out the pips and squeezing out the juice into a cup – sprinkling salt and pepper – adding salad oil – stirring the whole with a spoon – now ready for serving ]

Preparation of Salad Processing Writing

It is very interesting to know how mixed salad is prepared. It is prepared through a number of simple steps. At first, some fresh cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, lemons, and green chillies are bought from the market. Then the cucumbers are peeled and sliced into thin pieces and kept in a plate. Next, onions and tomatoes are also sliced and kept in the same plate. Thereafter, the coriander leaves are chopped and added to it. After that, the chillies in the proper measurements are to be minced and mixed to the plate. Then the lemons are squeezed to get the juice in proportionate quantity. Now, all the ingredients are properly mixed together in a plate. Finally, the required quantity of salt and pepper are sprinkled according to taste and salad oil is poured into the mixture. The whole thing is stirred well with a spoon. The mixed salad is now ready to serve.

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