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Use the following flowchart to write a paragraph on how to make paper for class 9 & 10

[ Wood or bamboo cut up and cleaned – Ground into a pulp in a big machine – Put into a tank and mixed with lime to make it soft and white – The pulp is boiled – Passed through wire meshes – Paper gets wet – Wet paper passed through another machine which has big rollers heated with steam – Pressed and dried – Cut into different sizes – Packed into reams and sent to market ]


Process of Making Paper in English

Paper is a very useful thing. We use lots of paper in our daily life. Paper is used in different purposes, such as education, packing, decoration and in so many cases. It is manufactured in factories in a big way to meet our demand. This is prepared through a number of steps. At first, some bamboos are cut down from bamboo wood. Then they are cleaned properly and taken to the factory. Next, the bamboos are chopped into pieces and made into pulp with the help of a machine. After that, it is put into a tank and mixed with an adequate quantity of lime for whitening and making it soft. Thereafter, the pulp is boiled thoroughly and allowed to pass through wire meshes. At this stage, we get the wet paper. This wet paper is then passed over heated rollers for drying. Then they are cut into different sizes by the machine. At last, they are packed into reams and sent to a market for sale.

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