10 Sentences about Train Journey | Few Lines on Train Journey

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10 Sentences about Train Journey in English:

1. My school closed for Puja vacation on 4th October.

2. My parents decided to go to my maternal uncle’s house in Darjeeling by express train.

3. It was a journey of seven hours.

4. Early in the next morning we reached our nearby railway station and rode on the train.

5. I managed to get a seat by the side of a window.

6. After a while the train started moving slowly.

7. The trees, houses, and fields on either side seemed running to the opposite direction.

8. I looked out of the window and began to enjoy the beautiful scenes.

9. At last, we reached Darjeeling by train at 3:00 p.m.

10. The first experience of my train journey still flashes in my mind’s eye and gives me immense pleasure.

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Few Lines [ 10 Lines ] about Train Journey in English:

1. I love traveling and always choose a train journey.

2. Train journey is always comfortable and relaxing for everyone from children to adults.

3. Every passenger has a different experience of boarding the train.

4. When we travel by train, we meet different kinds of people.

5. One of the cheapest transportations is trains.

6. The hawkers come and go into the compartment to sell their things.

7. I have traveled by express train many times.

8. Watching the scenery from the windows is fabulous.

9. A train journey is always pleasurable and full of excitement.

10. I collect many sweet and happy memories when I travel by train.

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