10 Lines on Barbie Doll in English | 10 Lines on My Favourite Toy Doll

Today, we are sharing about 10 lines on Doll Essay in English. This article can help the students and children who are searching for Few Lines on Doll in English. This article is generally useful for classes 1, 2,3, 4, 5, and 6.

10 lines on Barbie doll in English [Sample 1]

1. I have many beautiful dolls.

2. My favourite doll is my Barbie doll among all the other dolls.

3. My mother gifted me this doll on my 6th birthday.

4. The name of my Barbie doll is Cutie.

5. She is very beautiful and attractive.

6. It has long and golden coloured hair.

7. Its dress is red in colour.

8. I spend most of the time with her.

9. I cannot sleep without my doll.

10. I love my doll very much.


10 lines on My Favourite Toy – doll [Sample 2]

1. I have a small nice doll at my home.

2. This doll was gifted to me by my parents on my 4th birthday.

3. She looks like a fairy tale princess.

4. Her eyes are blue in colour.

5. She has many dresses, shoes, and colourful clips.

6. I love dressing her according to the occasion.

7. She is like my best friend.

8. I always take care of my doll.

9. I play with her everybody in the afternoon.

10. I love her very much.

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