Write Five Sentences on Your Favourite Journey [Easy Words]

Write Five Sentences on Your Favourite Journey in English.

1. The day of my first boat journey was my favourite journey in my life.

2. During the last Pooja vacation my parents decided to go to my maternal uncle’s house by boat.

3. That day I was very excited and I woke up early in the morning around 5:30 a.m.

4. When we were on the midstream, I could see many things floating away.

5. There was a beautiful atmosphere around us. The houses and trees on both sides, at a distance, began to recede continuously and this scenery gave me immense pleasure in my mind.


Write Few Sentences [10 Sentences] about Your Favourite Journey.

1. During the last winter vacation, I went to Kolkata by bus for visiting the zoo.

2. this journey was decided by my pen friends for enjoying the holidays.

3. It was a journey by bus of 5 hours.

4. Early in the morning I woke up and was ready for going journey.

5. At first, we went to the bus stand to purchase the tickets and get on the bus.

6. The bus started at 6:30 a.m. and my joy knew no bound.

7. Greenfields, trees, ponds and houses seemed running in the opposite direction and it amazed me very much.

8. Bullock carts moved along the village roads leaving a trail of dust behind.

9. We enjoyed tasty snacks during the bus journey and we reached our destination at 11:30 a.m.

10. I look out the window when the bus is running, it is the best-enjoying part of my journey.


Write Five Sentences about Your Journey from Home to School.

[ Hints: distance between home and school – mode of travelling – important landmarks – most enjoyable part of your journey ]

My Journey from Home to School

1. The distance between my home and school is 2 km.

2. I go to school every day by bicycle with my friends.

3. On the way to my school, there are a hospital, a petrol pump, and a children’s park.

4. I stand in front of the park and saw the little children playing there.

5. The most enjoyable part of my journey is when we return back home together after closing our school.

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