Write A Report on the Farewell Ceremony of A Retired Teacher.

In this article, we shall learn how to write a newspaper paper on a farewell ceremony of a teacher. So the students especially for classes 9, 10, 11, and 12 who are looking for this report, this post is very useful to them. This report has been written very easily so that the students can remember it.

Report Writing on Farewell Ceremony of A Teacher.

A senior teacher of your school retired recently and a farewell function was held in his honor. Now write a report on this program.

Farewell Ceremony of A Teacher in XYZ High School

By….. (your name)

Delhi, August 1, 2022

The farewell ceremony of Sujon Pal, our beloved Mathematics Teacher of XYZ High School was held yesterday in a special manner. The last day of his school had been over and we had said farewell to him. He was involved for almost 31 years of his life in the occupation. Sujan Sir has formed the career of one thousand students with her sincerity and commitment for three decades. For this occasion, a big stage was erected in the middle of the school campus. The school building was beautifully decorated with multi-colored flowers and papers. The President of our managing committee, Mr. Gupta presided over the function.

The function began with a Rabindra Sangeet sung in chorus by all. Then our beloved teacher garlanded first by the students. Many students presented various gifts, designing greeting cards and momento. The headmaster of our school gave an impressive valuable speech about Sujan Sir’s contributions to the school. After that, some assistant teachers and students remembered many events from their beautiful moments with Sujan babu. Everyone became too emotional during this touching ceremony. All of them prayed to God for him a happy retired life. Then, Mr. Sujan gave a heartwarming speech and thanked everyone for giving his best time at the school. His speech was full of deep feelings and emotions. He will ever be remembered as our friend, philosopher, and guide. The ceremony ended on an emotional note.

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