School Magazine – Processing Writing

Using the following flowchart write a paragraph on how school magazines are published.

[ Flowchart: school magazine committee formed – notice for manuscripts – manuscripts collected from students and teachers – thoroughly screened, necessary additions, alternations, omissions – preparing a raft draft of the magazine – sending the draft to the press for printing – proof correction – Sent for final printing – printed in book form and bound – finally distributed among the students, teachers and other ]

Process of Publishing School Magazine


How a School Magazine is Published

A school magazine is an essential part of a school. It is generally a literal journal of the school. It is very interesting to know how a school magazine is published in a school since it involves a series of interconnected steps one after another. First of all, a magazine committee is formed. Then a notice is put up inviting students and teachers to submit their contributions. After that, manuscripts containing various articles on poems, stories, essays, literature, etc. are collected from the teachers and students. Then they are thoroughly screened and if necessary, additions, alternations, and omission are done. Next, a rough draft of the magazine i.e. different sections according to age, language, etc. is prepared. The content page, a suitable headline for each section as well as an appropriate title for the magazine are all to be done in this phase. After that, the arranged manuscripts are sent to the press for printing. Then, a copy of the magazine is printed and sent to the magazine committee for proof corrections. Later, the proofs are corrected properly and sent for final printing. The magazines are printed in the form of a book and bound. Finally, the magazines are distributed among the students, teachers, and others in the school.

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