10 Lines on Raja Ram Mohan Roy [2 SETS]

10 Lines on Raja Ram Mohan Roy [SET 1]:

1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a renowned social and religious reformer in 19th century of India.

2. He was born in a rich family at Radhanagar in Hooghly district in 1772.

3. His father’s name was Ramkanta Roy and his mother’s name was Tarini Devi.

4. Raja Ram Mohan Roy is considered to be the ”Father of the Bengal Renaissance”.

5. He abolished the cruel and inhuman custom of Sati to protect the widow’s life.

6. He was fought against casteism, child marriage, Sati, and polygamy.

7. Raja Ram Mohan Roy believed that education can modernize society and set up several different schools and colleges in West Bengal.

8. Mughal Emperor, Akbar II, pleased with his work conferred upon him the title ‘Raja’ in the year 1831.

9. This great social reformist died on 27th September 1833 at the age of 61 in England.

10. This great nobleman is no more with us but his great contributions are still remembered in the minds of the Indian people.


Few Lines [10 Lines] about Raja Ram Mohan Roy [SET 2]:

1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy is undoubtedly one of the great social and religious reformers of modern India.

2. He went to Patna to achieve his higher education.

3. After completing his studies Raja Ram Mohan Roy entered government service and held many important Posts with great credit.

4. This noted man was well-read and knew several languages like Bengali, Arabic, Sanskrit, Persian, Latin, etc.

5. He was the founder of Brahmo Samaj in 1828 to fight against social injustice.

6. He is also known as the “Father of Modern India” in recognition of his social and educational reforms.

7. Raja Rammohan Roy promoted women’s rights to education.

8. His relentless fight against the cruel practice of Sati succeeded when it was abolished by law in 1829.

9. Ram Mohan went to England in 1831.

10. The name of Raja Ram Mohan Roy will always remain inscribed in gold in the history of Indian social reform.

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