Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Street Accident.

Write a Letter to Your Friend about a Street Accident that You Have Recently Witnessed.

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My dear friend,

I am very much anxious for your long silence. Hope you are in the best of health and happiness. In this letter, I have described to you a horrible road accident which I faced.

We often read about road accidents in the newspaper. So far I had not been an eyewitness to any such street accident but just two days ago, on Tuesday, February 22 at 10:30 a.m. I saw a horrible street accident on my way to school.

I was walking alone on S.N. Banerjee Road, a little distance from my school, suddenly I saw an old woman of sixty-five come out of a medicine store and started crossing the high road without looking right or left. When the old woman went to the middle of the road then a truck was coming at full speed. Sensing danger the truck driver put on the brakes immediately. But the driver did not control the speed and unfortunately ran over the old woman. A piercing cry of pain was heard. The driver instantly fled from the place. Hearing her cry, along with other people I rushed to the spot and found the road become red with blood. I shut my eyes in horror and became speechless for some time. She was taken to hospital by some local people. I left the place with a state of mind that beggars description.

I have never seen such an accident earlier. This accident shocked me. Returning home I could not eat and sleep properly. The face of the old woman is flashing in my mind till now. You should be very careful while crossing the road.

Please pay my regards to your parents and loving kisses to the younger ones.

With love and best wishes,

Your loving friend,

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