10 Sentences about Importance of Television [2 SETS]

10 lines on the importance of television in Education [Set 1]:

1. Television is one of the many wonders of modern science and technology.

2. It was invented in England by the Scottish scientist John Logie Baird in 1928.

3. It has now become very popular throughout the world.

4. Today we can view various types of interesting programs like plays, songs, dramas, etc. on television while sitting in our own homes.

5. Students can view/watch live on the television screen the important daily news, debates, and other events taking place in remote parts of the world.

6. It is a powerful medium to awaken the nation and society.

7. Television is also an effective medium of mass education.

8. Various educational programs on general knowledge, health care, and family planning and guidance on social matters can be sent to millions of viewers through audio-visual in television.

9. Cartoon channels are full of enjoyment for children and kids.

10. Thus television has created a stir in the entertainment world.


Importance of Television in 10 Points for Students [Set 2]:

1. The television is an amazing achievement of modern science.

2. In the world of television, ‘tele’ means far and ‘vision’ means sight.

3. It has a big entertainment and educational value.

4. Television brings us the latest pieces of information through audio-visual presentations and can provide us with all kinds of entertainment even in colour.

5. Television provides us with a welcome distraction after a day’s hard work.

6. After returning home at night from work we can relax at a serial or an amusing show.

7. We can watch a live broadcast of an exciting football or cricket match played at a distance through television.

8. The farmers can be taught how to manure their fields and scatter seeds through the T.V.

9. Through the television a teacher can teach a very large number of students from a distance.

10. Television is thus of great use to us.

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