Write 10 Lines about Elephant | Paragraph about Elephant

10 Lines about Elephant in English:

1. The elephant is a very big animal on land.

2. It is a four-footed animal.

3. It is a wild animal.

4. Its natural habitat is thick jungle.

5. It has a huge body, two large ears, two small eyes, big white tasks, a long trunk, and a small tail.

6. The trunk is a very useful part of the elephant’s body.

7. It uses its trunk like a hand.

8. With its trunk it takes food into the mouth and carries wood and other things with it.

9. The elephants can be tamed and used for the service of men.

10. They are in the habit of living in groups in the forest.

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Write a short Paragraph on The Elephant.


The elephant is the biggest animal on land. It has four legs like large pillars, two big ears, two small eyes, and a short tail. The most remarkable part of its body is the long trunk and two big tusks. The trunk of the elephant works like a hand. With its trunk, it eats green leaves, fruits, plants, etc., and also drinks water. It is a wild animal. Most of the elephants are found in the forest of Africa, Myanmar, India, etc. Elephants are generally gentle and good-natured animals. But sometimes when teased they can be very angry and dangerous as they can destroy anything even kill the people. In the past, elephants are used in the battlefield but nowadays they are used in zoos and circuses. It is a very useful animal to man even after death. So, we should must try our best to save its life.

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