Tree Plantation Drive – Notice writing [2024]

Write a Notice on Tree Plantation Drive in Your School.

The Eco-Club of your school has decided to take up a tree plantation Drive in your school. As the secretary of the club write a notice for the students of your school requesting them to participate in it. Get the notice countersigned by the head of the institution.




Tree Plantation Drive

                                                      Ref. No…         Date…

It is hereby notified that the eco-club of our school has planned to arrange a tree plantation drive on upcoming 5th June, on the occasion of the World environment day in our school premises. The program will be started at 9:30 a.m. and it will be inaugurated by the headmaster of your school through planting a slapping in front of our main campus. Then a short cultural program will be continued through various events like drama, song, recitation, and speeches on the importance of trees. So the students, who are willing to participate in the cultural events are asked to submit their names to the undersigned on or before 2nd June.

After lunch break 1,000 slappings will be delivered from the local municipality. Those saplings will be planted by the sides of the school ground and beside the road close to our school. All the students of our school are requested to participate in the program. Many environmentalists will join us to glorify our mission. It will be our duty to nature and preserve the saplings till they grow out to add to the beauty of our playground and also of our school.

Your full co-operation is mandatory for the successful implementation of the program. For further details if necessary, please contact the undersigned.

Countersigned by



ABC School




                                                                                           ABC School

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