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10 Lines about Tiger:

1. The tiger is a frightful majestic animal.

2. It is a wild animal.

3. A tiger has four legs, two eyes, two ears.

4. The tiger has strong teeth and sharp claws in its paws.

5. The tiger is the best-looking animal in the big cat family.

6. The black stripes on the yellow body of the tiger make it look very attractive.

7. These black stripes help to hide the tiger in the jungle so that it can hunt easily.

8. The tiger is a carnivorous animal.

9. The tiger survives by eating the flesh of other animals like cows, sheep, deer, etc.

10. The tiger is the national animal of India.

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Write a short paragraph about the tiger.

The Tiger

The tiger is a wild animal. It lives in the deep forest. It has four strong legs, two ears, two bright eyes, two sets of sharp teeth, and a long tail. The tiger has bright yellow colour with black stripes on his body. Black stripes on their body help them to hide away while hunting. They hunt deer, cattle, etc. for their food and sometimes attack humans too. The tiger can walk or run without making any noise. It belongs to the cat family. It is a mammal; it gives birth to a child. The cubs are fed by their mothers. They are expert swimmers. They can run very fast. The Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarbans in West Bengal is world-famous for its royal look. Today the tiger is included in the endangered species list. In India, the tiger has got the honor of the national animal.

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