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Today, in this post we are sharing about 20 Lines about Crocodile in English. This article really can help the kids and children who are looking for information about crocodiles in English. This essay is very simple and easy to remember.

Crocodile Sentences [5 Lines] for class 1:

1. The Crocodile is an aquatic animal.

2. It’s body is lizard-shaped.

3. Their teeth are turned inwards.

4. The crocodile is good at swimming.

5. The life of a crocodile is very long.


5 Sentences about Crocodile for classes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in English:

1. crocodiles are large reptiles generally found in tropical areas of America, Africa, Australia, etc.

2. The body of the crocodile is very long.

3. It is dark green in colour.

4. An adult crocodile can be 15 to 20 feet long.

5. The crocodile is considered to be one of the most dangerous animals in the world.


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10 Sentences about Crocodile for Students and Children in English:

1. The crocodile belongs to the reptile family.

2. They have flattened bodies, very short four legs, powerful jaws,  24 sharp teeth,  two eyes, and a thick tail.

3. They live mostly in water.

4. Some crocodiles live in saltwater lakes, and rivers and some live in freshwater.

5. Though they can survive on land in the sun.

6. Like other reptiles crocodiles are cold-blooded.

7. Only its eyes and nostrils show while floating.

8. The crocodile is a carnivorous animal.

9. crocodiles eat the flesh of animals, birds, and marine creatures.

10. They can crawl with their breast and short legs from one place to another on land.


Write a short paragraph or an Essay about The Crocodile.

 The Crocodile

The crocodile belongs to the reptile class like the snake. It has four legs, two sets of strong sharp teeth, two eyes, and a thick tail. Its body is fully covered with large plates and scales. It is a cold-blooded animal. It usually lives in lakes and rivers. It can also survive on land in the sun for some period. They are flesh-eating animals. They can crawl with their breast. Crocodiles reproduce by laying eggs. The life of a crocodile is very long. It is a dangerous animal.

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