A Soldier and A Bird Seller Story

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The English Soldier and the Caged Birds Story


An English Soldier Story

Once there was a war between England and France. In this war, a British soldier was imprisoned by the French. He had been in confinement for a long time. At last, the war came to an end and peace came then the soldier was set free. The soldier was very much delighted to find himself a free man again. The soldier was returning home to his great joy. On the way, he saw a bird seller with a cage full of birds. Seeing the condition of the birds, his long years of prison life flashed upon his inward eye. He could not bear the sight of the birds shut up in a small cage. So the soldier bought all the birds with the cage from the bird-seller. Then he opened the door of the cage to let off all the birds in the cage one by one. The birds flew away freely in the air. The bird-seller was surprised at the strange conduct of the kind soldier and asked him why he had bought them all if he would not keep them. The soldier replied, “I set the birds free for I know well the pain of captivity and the joy of freedom.”

A Soldier and A Bird Seller Story Moral: Experience is the best teacher.

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