The Golden Goose – Story Writing

Write a Short Moral Story on “The Golden Goose” in English.

 The Golden Goose Short Story With Moral

Once upon a time, a poor farmer lived with his wife in a village. He had a goose. It was not a usual one as the goose that laid one golden egg every day. This made the farmer very happy. Gradually he became rich by selling the golden eggs one by one.

But the farmer and his wife were very greedy by nature. They were not content with one egg a day. They thought that the goose was full of golden eggs. They wanted to become richer still. One day the greedy wife told the farmer, “Just think if we could have all the golden eggs at a time that are inside the goose, we might become very rich in the quickest possible time.” With this object in view, the farmer one day killed the goose with a sharp knife and cut open its belly. But alas! he found not a single golden egg inside. The foolish farmer lost the goose as well as the prospect of getting golden eggs every day.

Moral of The Golden Goose Story: Grasp all, lose all.

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