The Thirsty Crow Story with Moral in English for Kids

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Write a short moral story on “The Thirsty Crow and The Pitcher.”

The Thirsty Crow and The Pitcher

It was a very hot summer day. A crow felt very thirsty. He flew here and there in search of a little water. But all his efforts were in vain. He did not find water anywhere. He felt very weak and sat on the top of a tree. He was about to die.

Suddenly he saw a pitcher at a little distance. With a heart full of hope he flew to it. But he found that only a little water was left at the bottom of the pitcher. He tried again and again but could not reach the water with his beak. He tried to break the pitcher but he could not do it. The sight of the water intensified his trust. He gave up all hopes when he found some pieces of stone at a distance. Instantly an idea flashed in his mind. He quickly pick up a stone and dropped it into the pitcher. Then he took another stone and dropped it too. One by one he went on dropping stones into the pitcher until the layer of water came up to its brim. Then the clever crow drank water and being very happy, he flew away.

Moral: Where there is a will, there is a way.

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