A Liar Cowboy and The Tiger Completing Story With Moral

Write a Completing Moral Story about a Liar Cowboy and A Tiger.

A Liar Cowboy and A Tiger Story

Once upon a time, there lived a cowboy in a small village. There was a deep forest beside the village. He tended his cows in a field by the side of a forest. He had no other work to do without grazing the cows.

One day while tending cows he had a mischievous idea in his mind. To make fun, he would often cry out, “Tiger, tiger, save me, save me!” Hearing his cry the kind-hearted villagers who were working in the field nearby came rushing to the spot with sticks to save the cowboy. But when they came near, they found no tiger and the cowboy began to laugh standing at them. The villagers got angry and went away. They were befooled every time.

One day a tiger really did come to attack his herd of cows. The cowboy began to cry loudly for help but nobody came to his help. The villagers thought that he was making fun as before. The tiger killed all his cows and at last killed the cowboy. The liar cowboy realized too late that it is dangerous to tell a lie.

Moral of the Story A Liar Cowboy: Never tell a lie. 

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