Slow And Steady Wins The Race – Short Moral Story [Easy Words*]

Write a Story Using the Following Hints. Give a Title to the Story.

[ The hare laughs at the slow-moving tortoise – tortoise invites the hare for a race – agrees – the hare runs very fast – the tortoise falls behind –  confident hare takes a nap – tortoise continues in his own speed – reaches winning post before the hare – the hare loses ]



Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Once upon a time, there lived a tortoise and a hare in a forest. The hare was very proud of his speed. One day the hare met the tortoise and laughed at him to see his slow pace. The tortoise was very angry at this. He challenged the hare to run a race. The hare was surprised at this proposal. The hare thought that the tortoise could never win the race. So he accepted the challenge gladly.

The forest friends fixed a day for the competition. They also chose a starting and finishing point. The day of the race came. All the animals of the forest were present to see the race between them.

When they got a signal, the race started. The hare ran very fast and soon left the tortoise far behind. After some time when the hare was on the midway, he said to himself, “I may take a little nap here and then start again and overtake the tortoise.” So he lay down under a tree and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the tortoise plodded towards the goal. He continued walking. He passed the sleeping hare. The hare woke up after some time and ran as fast as he could.

But it was too late to win the race. When he reached the destination, he saw the tortoise waiting, with a smiling face. All the animals declared the tortoise winner.

Moral: slow and steady wins the race.

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