Write A Letter to Your Friend about Importance of Tree Plantation.

Write a Letter to Your Friend about Plantation of Trees.

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Sub: Informal Letter Importance of Tree Plantation

My dear friend,

I have just finished reading the letter you wrote to me. There you have asked me to tell you about the usefulness of trees. So I am writing this letter to describe to you the significance of trees in our life.

Nature has made an excellent arrangement between man and trees. Trees are the most important part of human life. So it is known as the best friend of human beings. The fresh air we breathe, and the beauty of nature shows us the importance of tree plantation.

During photosynthesis, trees give out oxygen that helps both humans and animals to survive. On the other hand, trees inhale carbon dioxide and other harmful gases which is unhealthy for human beings and animals. The planting of trees brings rainfall. They protect us from the greenhouse effect. Trees play a very useful role in conserving the soil attracting moisture and keeping the climate temperate. Another great usefulness of trees is that they provide food, medicine, timber, fuel, etc. Moreover, the importance of tree plantation is tremendous to maintain biodiversity and balance the ecosystem.

But people are cutting down trees without thinking and destroying the woods and forests around us. We must stand up against all these immoral acts. There will also be plenty of greenery on both sides of roads and all educational institutions. To preserve our environment we should plant more and more trees on our initiative.

Life is only possible on earth because of trees and trees are the sources of oxygen. So we must understand the responsibility towards nature and start loving trees. I hope, you have understood the usefulness of trees.

Your loving friend,

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