Write Letter to Your Friend Telling Him or Her About Your New School.

Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him or Her about Your School.

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Sub: Letter about My New School

My dear friend,

I received your letter yesterday. I am very happy to know that you and your family are well. I am also good here. In your letter, you wanted to know about my new school. So I am writing this letter to give you a short description of my new school.

You know that I have admitted to a new school for my father’s job transfer. The name of my new school is Gopalpur Adarsha Vidyapith. It is situated at Gangarampur, a beautiful town in the district of Hooghly. It is the oldest school in the district.

They are about nine hundred students and thirty teachers in this school. There are thirty-two classrooms, four laboratories, a teachers’ room and the headmaster’s room in our new school. In each class, there are about one hundred fifty students, distributed in different sections. There is a big playground in front of my school and various types of games are held there. There is a library with a great collection of books on different subjects.

The sanitation system of this school is very good. This keeps the school surroundings neat and clean and hygienic. The use of microphones is strictly prohibited around the school premises. The teachers of our school are well qualified and experienced. They are very careful in teaching us and help us in every possible way. There is a strict discipline in my new school. The relation between the teachers and the students is very sweet and loving. It is a great honour and pride for me to be a part of this school.

I believe my life here will be interesting and enjoyable. Although I have made many new friends here but I still miss you. I hope we meet very soon. Take care of yourself. Convey my best regards to your parents and love to you.

Yours lovingly,

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