Write A Letter To Your Friend About Your Village.

Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing about Your Village and Inviting Him or Her to Visit Your Village.

Your address…………..


Sub: My Village Letter

My dear friend,

I received your letter a few days ago. I have been very glad to know your well news. in your letter, you wanted to know about my village. So I am writing this letter to describe that.

You know that I live at Gopalpur in the district of North- 24- Parganas. It is a small village. My village is on the bank of the Hooghly river. The village is occupied with nearly 3000 people. Most of the people of our village are poor farmers. They grow various types of crops, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. There are some weavers here. There is a primary school in the centre of the village. Green vegetation has covered our village. Varieties of fruit trees are seen here and there. Mango, banana, and guava abundantly grow nearly in all the houses.

Its atmosphere is peaceful. There is no din and bustle. At night the village looks like a fairyland. The villagers help one another in danger and live happily.

I would ask you to come and spend a few days in my village. I am sure you will enjoy the village life. Today up to this. Convey my regards to your parents and love to you.

Yours lovingly,

Your name

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Natural Beauty of Your Village.

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Sub: Natural Beauty of My Village

My dear friend,

Your letter is just to hand. You have asked me to tell you about the natural beauty of my village. Well, here is my reply. The scenery of my village is very charming. There are many green trees here and there. The birds sit on their branches and sing beautiful songs. There is a nursery of various seasonal flowers in the middle of the village and it makes my village very beautiful. The river Tista, besides my village, flows in a zigzag course with a murmur. The river bank is extremely peaceful in the early morning and sunset. I am telling you to spend at least a week in my village. My parents will be very delighted if you come.

I hope you will definitely come and let me know the date of your coming here.

Your loving friend,

Your name


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