Write A Letter To Your Friend About Your Garden for Class 3

Write a Letter to Your Friend about Your Hobby Gardening.

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Sub: My Favourite Hobby Letter

My dear friend,

Your loving letter is just to hand. I am very glad to know that you are all well. I am also fine. You have wanted to know if I have any hobbies and if so what is it?

Well, I have a hobby and my favourite hobby is gardening. I have made a nice garden in front of my reading room. I have planted many kinds of fruit trees and flower plants in my garden. I water the plants every morning. I make the soil loose with a spade and weed out the grass. I add manures and fertilizers to my garden. I get pleasure when I see the blooming flowers in my garden and fruits come in my trees.

Air of my garden is always filled with sweet fragrance of flowers. Many small insects like butterflies, bees come to my garden. Whenever my relatives visit my garden I offer them delicious fruits and flowers. Regular work in my garden gives me ample physical work and this keeps me fit in body and mind. Whenever I feel tired of studying, I run into my garden and spend some time there.

Please tell me how you like my hobby and let me know about your favourite hobby. No more today. More when we meet. Convey my best regards to your parents and love to youngers.

Yours lovingly,

Your name

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