Write Letter To Friend Telling Him About The Benefits of Reading Newspaper.

Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him About the Benefits of Reading a Good Newspaper Every Day. Use the Following Points:

[ A regular source of information – widens outlook – Spread of knowledge – develops reading habits ]

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Sub: Benefits of Reading Newspaper Letter

My dear friend,

Your letter is just to hand. You wanted me to explain why I asked you in my last letter to read newspapers regularly. Well, here is my explanation.

The newspaper has become a part of our daily life in present civilization. A newspaper serves us with the current news. Through newspapers, we come to know about what happens from day to day in the different parts of our country and in the outside world.

The newspapers have a great educative value. It discusses the burning topics of the day. It provides us with up-to-date information about politics, education, sports, business, economics, science, technology, agriculture, tourism, and industry. It keeps us informed of the latest events, ideas, discoveries, and inventions. All classes of people can profit by reading newspapers. As a student, you will learn a lot and it will increase your out knowledge to a great extent.

So you must read a newspaper daily. If you neglect to read it, your knowledge is bound to be poor and inadequate.

I hope you will read the newspaper regularly. No more today. More when we meet.

With love to you,

Yours lovingly,

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