Write A Letter To Your Friend Describing The Importance of Physical Exercise.

Write a Letter to Your Friend about the Importance of physical exercise.

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Subject: Importance of Physical Exercise Letter

My dear friend,

I have received your letter yesterday. I am very sorry to learn that you are not conscious of your health. You think it to be a waste of time to take regular physical exercise. So I am writing this letter to tell you about the necessity of physical exercise.

Physical exercise means the movement of our limbs. Our body is like a machine. It helps to lead a happy, cheerful, and long life. Health is wealth. It is the root of all happiness. A man who does not possess sound health can do nothing good. The necessity of physical exercise is recognized by all. It keeps our body strong and fit. Remember – ‘sound mind reigns only in sound body.’ If you are physically unwell, you cannot be mentally happy. Those who do not take regular physical exercise, soon lose their health. They do not find happiness in life.

You must realize the necessity of physical exercise and start taking it regularly. There are various types of physical exercise. As to the kind of physical exercise that will suit you, consult the physical instructor of your school.

No more today. More when we meet. With best regards to your parents and love to you.

Yours lovingly,

Your name

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