Write A Letter To Your Friend About Your Future Plan [2024]

Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him or Her about Your Future Plan for Class 9.

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My dear friend,

I received your letter yesterday. I am very happy to know that you are all well. I am fine here. In your letter, you have wanted to know about my aim in life. So I am writing this letter to tell you about my future plan.

My future plan is to be a teacher. A teacher is called a nation builder. A large number of boys and girls in rural areas are not conscious of education. I believe that an honest teacher can play a significant role to remove the illiterate from our country. You know that my father is a renowned teacher in our area. His idealism and devotion to studies have inspired me to be a teacher in the future. To achieve my goal, I am taking special coaching from my father at present. If my dream is fulfilled I will try to remove darkness from our society.

Please tell me in your next letter how you feel about my aim in life. I am also eager to know your aim in my life. No more today. More when we meet. Convey my best regards to your parents and love to the younger.

Your loving friend,

Your name

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