Renewable Energy – Paragraph 150 Words in English [2024]

Write a Paragraph About ”Sources of Energy”or ”Renewable Energy”.

Renewable Energy

The sources of energy in the world can broadly be classified into two distinct groups. The first source fuels, such as oil, gas, coal. These fuels are non-renewable sources, as once used they cannot be renewed in their original form. They are likely to be exhausted in course of time by consumption. These sources of energy are obtainable from the earth and their total stock is limited. So we should use these properly without wasting them. These fuels are the root of economic and industrial prosperity. The alternative sources of energy are wind power, water power, solar energy, and nuclear power. Solar energy comes from the sun and water power is generated from water. These can be considered renewable sources of energy as these sources are inexhaustible and energy can be renewed for uninterrupted use. Nuclear power is obtained from the fission of molecules. It is now being used for various cases. However, nuclear energy is dangerous if used carelessly.

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