Write Letter To Friend Regarding Recent Heavy Rainfall Floods [2024]

Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Visit To A Flood-Affected Area.

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Sub: Letter about Flood-Affected Area

My dear friend,

Your letter is just to hand. In your letter, you have wanted to know my experience about the recent flood in our district. Well, here it is.

You know that a vast area in our district, Murshidabad has been badly affected by a devastative flood. Not only that the districts of Nadia, Burdwan, and Birbhum in West Bengal were ravaged by a devastating flood. But our district was worst affected. The flood was caused by five days of non-stop rain and the release of water from the Farakka barrage. As a result, various rivers in our district were overflowed their banks. The water rushed into nearby villages and towns. In my district, Kandi, Berhampur, and Jangipur were completely submerged. The people took shelter in Government schools and colleges.

I was busy working with some of my friends among the victims of the recent flood. Everywhere we went we noticed horrible scenes. People were lived with no food and dress. We rescued seven families from sure death. A little boy of about four was floating on the water. I rescued him. We made arrangements for their medical treatment.

Relief work was also immediately started by the government, Ramkrishna Mission, and Bharat Sevashram. Cooked food, clothes, and tarpaulins were distributed among the flood- victims.

No more today. I shall tell you about my experience in detail when you will come to my house during next summer vacation.

With love to you,

Yours lovingly,

Your name

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