Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Circus Show.

Write a Letter to Your Friend about a Circus Show You Have Recently Seen.

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My dear friend,

I hope you are well by the grace of God. I am well too. I am just back from a visit to a circus and like to give you a short description of the show I have seen.

Last week, I went to see a circus show with my parents and younger brother. The show was arranged in our locality at Malancho Circus Maidan. A big tent was put up on the open ground. It was decorated with colorful lights. There were some ticket counters outside the tent. Standing in a queue, I bought our tickets and entered the circus tent.

The show began at about 6 p.m. with the exercises of some young gymnasts, both boys, and girls. Their performance was very wonderful and interesting. Then some girls rode unicycles and showed their balance skills on the wire that was fixed on the top.

After that, the animals and wild beasts like tigers, bears, elephants, dogs, and monkeys came one by one and displayed wonderful shows. But the tricks of monkeys amused us very much. The monkeys beat drums, jumped through a ring of fire, and saluted The spectators by taking off their caps. Finally, some young boys and girls flew in the air and caught one another. It was very thrilling to all and I clapped again and again to encourage them. We enjoyed the whole show very much.

With love to you,

Your loving friend,

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