Write A Report on Christmas Celebration in Your School.

Report writing on Christmas Day celebration at school.

Christmas Day celebration at our school

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Like every year, this year also our school celebrated Christmas day with great enthusiasm and joy. The celebration held on 24th December was a vibrant blend of tradition, creativity and camaraderie. The celebration had taken place in our school auditorium. The preparation for the Christmas Day celebration was started a week before the arrival of Christmas.

The school premises were beautifully decorated with colourful thinking lights, flowers, and Christmas trees. Classrooms and corridors were transformed into a festive wonderland, showcasting the artistic talents of students. We also decorated the stage with merry Christmas tags. All the students were very excited for this festivity.

The headmaster and the other staff came. The cultural committee of the school welcomed them. The main highlight of the celebration was the cultural program presented by the students. From soulful Carol singing to lively classical dance performances, the students showcasted their talents with enthusiasm. After the cultural program, the headmaster came to the stage and wished the student Merry Christmas. He also delivered an inspiring speech on the significance of Christmas and its universal message of love and compassion. The program ended by the arrival of Santa Claus with the song Jingle Bell Jingle bells. Santa Claus gave blessing to students and also gave each student a take. We all enjoyed the day very much.

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