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My dear friend,

I hope you are healthy and fine by the grace of God. I am fine too. Diwali is knocking at the door and we will we having holidays for 5 days. So I wanted to share my plans for this festive vacation.

This Diwali vacation, me and my family will be going to my grandparent’s house. There house is around 13 kms away from my hometown. They invited us to spend Diwali vacation with them. So we have decided to celebrate this vacation with them.

This year winter is starting a little earlier, we will have all the fun here in the lap of nature. I am very excited to spend this Diwali vacation with my uncle, aunt, brothers and sisters there. Every year a famous Kali puja will be organised at my grandparent’s village on the occasion of Diwali. It is a great opportunity to get together and spend Diwali holidays well. I shall be spending quality time with my friends too, playing games with them and sharing laughter and joy. My grandmother can prepare very nice biryani and jilibi. Moreover, I am especially looking forward to enjoying the tasty fried rice from grandmother’s hands. This is my plan for Diwali vacation and I hope your Diwali plans are just as exciting and I would love to hear all about them.

Wishing you a happy Diwali filled with light, love and laughter. May this festival bring you immense joy and prosperity.

Your loving friend,

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