Rubber Processing Paragraph Writing

Study the following flowchart and then write a paragraph in about 120 words on how rubber is processed.

Rubber processing Flow Chart:

Rubber trees are tapped – Latex (milk-white liquid) collected from rubber plants – Collection sent to the factory in containers – Latex treated with chemicals to get rubber slabs – Pressed with rollers – Sheet cut to pieces – This sheet treated in the smokehouse for longer preservation – Dried pieces packed in bales – Sent to market for sale

Process of Making Solid Rubber

Rubber is a very useful material. It is used for various purposes. It can be produced only in the factory. It is made from the milk-white liquid called latex obtained from rubber plants.

At first, rubber trees are tapped. Then latex is collected from the rubber plants. Next, the collected latex is sent to the factory in big containers. The thick latex is now added with different types of chemicals. It is turned into rubber slabs in a few hours. After that, the slabs are pressed with rollers to make them thin. Then the sheets are cut into pieces. In the next step, the sheets are sent to the smokehouse for treatment. This treatment enables the rubber to be preserved for a long time. After that, the treated rubber turns into dry sheets of rubber. Now the smoked and dried sheets are packed in bales. Finally, these bales are sent to the market for sale.

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