Water Cycle – Processing Writing

Write a paragraph within 100 words on the water cycle, using the following follow chart:

[ Water evaporated from the sea, lake, and other water bodies – Vapour becomes light and rises upward – Vapour comes into contact with cold atmosphere and condensed – Clouds formed – Comes too heavy to hold water drops – Falls on earth as rain ]

Water Cycle Processing Writing Class 9

The water cycle causes the heat of the Sun. Many of us may not know the stages of this transformation. The whole process passes through a number of states.

Three-fourths of the Earth is water. At first, when the rays of the sun fall on the water of seas, rivers, lakes, and other water bodies, it is turned into vapour. Being extremely hot, water vapour is lighter than the surrounding air and so it rises high to the upper air by nature. Then the evaporating water is condensed into droplets of water as it comes into contact with the cold atmosphere. Thus clouds are formed. Afterwards, when these clouds float more colder areas they condense in the form of millions of heavy droplets. The water drops are too heavy to float in the air. Finally, the water drops fall down on the earth in the form of gentle rain.

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